Agoutis have a reputation for being notoriously difficult to trap. In past years, the project has used the methods of Smythe from the 70’s. This year we changed several variables such as the type of bait (coconut instead of corn), the time of day we check the traps, and the distribution of food in and outside of the traps. During October 2008, we started a major trapping effort using a total of 50 traps. We ultimately caught a total of 57 agoutis, and placed radio collars on 31 of them. Of the radio-collared agoutis, 9 died in the past six months, thus we have a total of 22 agoutis alive and on the ARTS system. We are now working with 20 of these agoutis for the seed removal experiments.

Torrey is using our high tech within-trap animal restraint device to hold down the agouti, while Ben injects it with a sedative.



Corin with her brand new radio collar. The latest in agouti fashion accessories.