Jackie Willis and Jenny Murtaugh were recently combing through our 2008 ocelot data to identify the spot pattern of each individual.  One picture didn’t match any…becuase it was a jaguar!  We didn’t notice it at first because it was very close up.

Here’s the image

2008 Jaguar

2008 Jaguar

The camera was set a bit high, but did capture an ocelot as well, which you can see is a much smaller animal than this jaguar picture.

This jaguar was photographed only once, on 3 Oct 2008.  The following year both Jackie and our cameras got pictures of a jaguar as well.  However, the spot patterns don’t match up.  Thus, it seems that there was one jaguar on BCI for a short bit in Oct 2008, and then a 2nd jaguar in 2009.  Jaguars don’t mind swimming, so its not surprising that they would come to BCI for lunch every once in a while.