October 3, 2010. Ben Hirsch, the post-doc on the major seed dispersal project bid his farewell to the island residents and flew to Washington D.C. where he lives currently.

Although his love for coatis knows no bounds, for he studied this mammal species in Argentina for his PhD, when it comes to agoutis, he cannot hide his emotions. In fact, he is ready to give one a jolly ride on his shoulders!

Apart from his work talents, his immense knowledge on a wide variety of wines and good restaurants in Panama make him a popular individual. He is a go to person for information after the weekly Tupper seminars in Panama City.

In order to keep his spirit and talents around after his leave, we embarked on a scientific journey to clone Dr. Hirsch. But the results were not as we had expected. We didn’t acquire his charisma and talents. But we were happy to have acquired his facial features!