The Smithsonian has officially gone wild.  They (we) have created a site with over 200,000 pictures of wild animals taken with camera traps in the wilds of China, Peru, Kenya, Sarawak, Thailand, Adirondacks, Appalachian trail and…. Panama.

Images from Vivan Maas’s thesis on what eats palm fruit, and Helen Esser’s on what animals live on canal islands, were included in the site.  We would have included more from our research on BCI, we have a lot more, but didn’t want to overload folks with agoutis.  Even with these two sub-projects, we contributed over 88,000 agouti pictures to the collection.

This project was a collaboration between different scientists working at the Smithsonian, including our Agouti experts.  In fact, they built the site of the database started on BCI by Bart Kranstauber and used by our team ever since.

The site just launches last week, and the visitation has been off the charts.  We were even featured in an NBC news story last night.

People love the site, the crowd is going wild.  They are going to want more pictures.  Good thing Helen is coming back for her PhD research!