May 2009

I was looking at some ocelot photos from last year and wasn’t so sure about this one.  Is it a young ocelot or an adult margay?  The face looks more delicate like a margay.  The tail seems a bit longer, but its not the best angle.  What do you think?

Full Sequence at Flickr

STRI news just reported this jaguar photographed by Jackie Willis on BCI last month!  This is the first record since a cast of a footprint in August of 2008, and I think maybe the first phot ever.  This shows that they are still moving between the surrounding forests and BCI  look out agoutis!

We recently observed several very young agoutis near the research station. After waking Torrey up several times with their loud morning play sessions, we decided to get some photos of the little guys. We quickly found their burrow and put a camera nearby. In less than 24 hours we got 4422 photos! We captured four baby agoutis on camera and captured them going in and out of their burrow throughout the day.